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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Little Princess

Once upon a time......In a land, not so far away......lived a little princess named Abrial.
 Abrial, was her mother's pride and joy,and she loved her little princess very much.
One day, as her mother was pondering, she was reminded of a birthday presenting the near future. The little princess would soon become a year old. With a sigh from the mother, she amused herself with memories from the past.

She remembered how it took her nine months and an extremely long and painful labor to meet her little princess.
How she brought Abrial home just in time for Halloween dress-up
Abrial's first acquaintance with Santa

The fun the little princess had at the beach.
The mother was so.....overwhelmed with fond memories. She didn't know what to say.  All she could do was think about how God had richly blessed her with her little princess. Finally, with a soft spoken prayer, She thanked her savior for the bundle of love he had bestowed on her. She knew only her heavenly father could make such a wonderful gift. 
                                  The End


  1. they really are a blessing from the Lord. That God would allow us to take care of them, for He places them in our hands. You and your family are blessed my dear.

  2. What a sweet Story and A sweet Princess you have there! I am sure she knows just how much she is Loved by her Mommy and Daddy and also by her Lord & Saviour! and Heavenly Father!

    In Christ's love