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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giving Up the Ghost!!!

We had an awesome lesson in church tonight. We talked about ghosts and paranormal activity. Do we really have supernatural beings invading our presence everyday? Well, The answer is clearly found in the Bible. In 1 Samuel chapter 28 we read the story of Saul and the psychic. Saul, the king of Israel, goes to a psychic to bring up Samuel. (Samuel was a prophet of God who had past away in an earlier chapter.) The psychic performs her ceremony, and to her astonishment she sees Samuel. She screeches in terror when Samuel talks to Saul. Totally creepy, right? Also, in the New Testament we find the story of the Transfiguration on the Mountain. Two prophets, who were already dead appear to Jesus and His disciples.
So, what point am I getting at? Is the Bible proving the existence of ghosts? Not exactly! there are three things we need to understand. First, only God can control life and death. One place in the Bible where this is proven is Job. Satan goes to God asking about the fate of Job. God told Satan that he could do what he wanted to Job, except take his life.
Second, when a person dies there soul immediately goes to eternity, whether heaven or hell. to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. There is no time for souls to roam the earth. They are automatically thrown into eternity at the point of death.
Third, There are supernatural beings, however they are not human. These beings are called Demons. They roam the earth convincing the world that there is no God. Their job is to bring as many people to Hell with them as possible.
So, what do these point have to do with the stories we tell around the campfire on a summers night? They have a lot to do with it actually. Basically what I am trying to explain is that there are no such things as Ghosts. Instead, the paranormal activity is the figment of our imagination, an extreme hoax provided by the media, or a creature from Hell itself. Yes, a Demon!!!
Well anyway, This all came from my husbands sermon tonight. I thought it was pretty interesting. I guess you could say that I listened...hahahaha! What do you think about the information. Have you had a so called ghost story? Did this post help you give up the ghost? I love comments!!

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